2004 No Limits

Our First Season


Getting Started: Deciding a team name.  Building the table.


Getting Started: Programming with RIS.  Building the missions.


Getting Started: Building the missions.  Our favorite is the basketball hoop!  Everyone has ideas to solve the missions.


Getting Started: Building the missions. Snack!


Research Activities Learning About Handicaps: Can you write your name while looking in the mirror? Can you string beads with socks on your hands? We also 'read' a braille star map.  How do you explain stars to a blind person? How do you explain clouds? We talked about physical handicaps and mental handicaps.  Does everyone have some sort of handicap?


Research Project: Our library is in an old church.  The problem at the library is that a handicapped person can't easily get books.


Research Project: The stacks are narrow and have carrosels.  Books cram the shelves from top to bottom.

Research Project: The solution is a 'Pick-n-Give' robot to retrieve books for patrons.


Competitions:  Group Huddle.  We won a trophy for Innovative Programming!


Thank You!

Staff of the Brookline Public Library for assistance with our research project.

Thank you FLL and BAE Systems!



NoLimits Challenge Solution - Our research and innovative solution for the public library.
Research Chronology - A daily journal of our research activities.  We got started late in the season, so we didn't have as much time as in later years!
Script - We presented our findings as a short play.  We also made a poster and answered questions after the play.  We presented our play to the librarians.
Robot Design - Just the basic drive design. No StepByStep Instructions.
Navigation - Calibration of rotation sensors for dual differential drive. RIS code for making measurements.
Algorithms - List of programs and procedure for reconfiguring robot.
Software - RIS Source code listings for our robot. This software won a trophy for Innovative Programming!