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Presentation To Brookline Conservation Commission

Download the Viewgraphs for the October 9, 2007 presentation to the Brookline Conservation Commission at Town Hall.  Thank you BCC for letting us come and present new ideas for Brookline, and answering our questions.

Resources - Geoexchange has information about geothermal energy.

Summer Photo Gallery
We studied solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel cells this summer.  We created a model concept house that has alternative energy features - some are passive, and some use innovate equipment in special 'energy' rooms of the house.  The car in the garage does not run on gasoline.

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In footsteps of Edison - we're making a lightbulb.

We used solar cells for electrolysis.  Hydrogen is separated from oxygen in water into different holding tanks.  The hydrogen is used by the hydrogen fuel cell.  The solar cell can't produce hydrogen as quickly as it is consumed.  We are looking into other ways to make hydrogen 'on the fly'.  We might use the water from the hydrogen fuel cell to create electricity.  Lord Kelvin showed a way to make electricity from water and gravity.  We might find additional electricity from piezoelectric materials embedded in the car.

What are the optimal blade sizes? What is the optimal placement of turbines in a wind farm?

Can compressed air be used to store energy that be released to create electricity when needed?

Bamboo is a renewable resource.  It grows faster than trees.  Can we make composite building materials out of bamboo? Can the thermal and electrical properties of bamboo be used to make passive energy heating and cooling systems in a house?  With nanotechnology can these new building materials be stronger enabling heavier equipment to be installed? Providing safety against weather and earthquakes? Last longer? Be self-cleaning thus reducing the energy use and environmental impact of cleaning agents.



Thank You!

HobbyTown USA
522 Amherst St Nashua NH 03063 (603) 459-4427
Sponsoring our Wind Power experiments with the generous donation of a Loopwing Wind Power Generator Set

Gary Maedl
CEO Virstar, Hollis, NH
Tour of Broad Street Country Store geothermal system.

Mike McQueeney
PSNH, speaker at the Alternative Energy Information Night
Brookline Town Hall
November 8, 2007
cohosted by the Brookline Conservation Commission

Don Edson
Expert in Geothermal, Solar, and Wind Alternative Energy Systems

Brookline Conservation Commision

Kevin Duhaime for generous donation of HP Laptop computer, scanner, and use of projector for presentations.


Lord Kelvin Electrostatic Generator - explanation and concepts for using as alternative energy source